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How to migrate your email accounts from Reply to MailToaster
How to migrate your email accounts from Reply to MailToaster

Learn how to migrate warm-up accounts from Reply to MailToaster

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We are excited to announce that we are now offering the ability to migrate your warm-up accounts from Reply to MailToaster. This will allow you to take advantage of our advanced warm-up tools and achieve even better email deliverability.

What you need to know about migration

The "Warm Up" functionality of Reply will be removed on February 6, 2023, and all previous warm-up processes for email accounts will be stopped. This is due to changes in the use of connection methods. If you want to keep warm-up processes going, it is recommended that you migrate your data to MailToaster. For this, you need to reconnect your email accounts in MailToaster.

MailToaster is a stand-alone product that has the same features as Reply's "Warm Up" but supplements it with safer methods to connect email accounts. You can run warm-up practices in MailToaster and be sure that your account's reputation is totally protected.


  • If you ignore the migration, all warm-up activities in Reply will be stopped. However, you may be charged for purchased warm-up add-ons in Reply.

  • After migrating your data and reconnecting email accounts, all of your planned processes, activities, subscriptions, and statistics will be saved and transited to MailToaster. You can easily renew and continue all of your warm-up processes.

  • The only exception is Inbox Filter, which allows you to keep your inbox clean from unwanted warm-up letters. You need to set it manually in MailToaster again for each email account. Here's a guide on how to set the Inbox filter for GSuite & Microsoft Outlook mailboxes.

  • The price for using MailToaster will be the same as for Reply's "Warm Up." That is $29 per seat billed monthly (one email account). For one seat, you can reconnect different email accounts but warm up only one email account. You can also increase the number of your seats by paying $29 per each subsequent email account.

  • In Reply, if you have used the Team Plan for warm-up, you were able to access different email accounts separately for each team member. All email accounts associated with the Team plan will be merged into a single account in MailToaster.

Guide to migrating warm-up accounts from Reply to MailToaster

Here are the steps to migrate your warm-up accounts from Reply to MailToaster:

  1. Open the link for migration from your mailbox.

  2. Create a new password for your account.

3. All of your information about warm-up accounts, templates, settings, and subscriptions will be migrated to MailToaster.

4. Navigate to the "Warm-up emails" page and activate your mailboxes:

  • For GSuite mailboxes, you will be required to generate an app password for each mailbox.

  • For Outlook mailboxes, you can just click the "Reconnect" button for each mailbox.

How to reconnect GSuite accounts?

Here are the steps to reconnect Gsuite accounts:

  1. Open the GSuite email account with "Error" status.

  2. Navigate to the Settings page

  3. Open Mailbox Settings and input the App password for the email address. See the instructions on how to generate an App password here. To validate the connectivity to the mailbox you can click "IMAP test" and "SMTP test".

  4. Click the button "Save"

  5. Now you are able to enable to turn the account on.

How to reconnect Outlook accounts?

Here are the steps to reconnect Outlook accounts:

  1. Open the Outlook email account with "Error" status.

  2. Click the "Reconnect" button.

  3. On the opened window select the required account.

  4. Now you are able to enable to turn the account on.

To learn more about how to use MailToaster, read other articles in our Help center.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us. Our support team is here to assist you with any issues you may encounter during the migration process.

Thank you for choosing MailToaster as your warm-up tool provider. We hope that our service will help you achieve better email deliverability.

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