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Generating App Password for Gmail accounts
Generating App Password for Gmail accounts

Learn how to enable two-step authentication and generate app password to connect your Gmail email account to MailToaster

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To warm up Gmail accounts, you need to connect your email account to MailToaster using the IMAP method. To do this, you need to activate two-factor authentication and create a unique password for the app. Here is a detailed explanation of the process.

How to enable two-step authentication in Gmail

To generate a unique app password, you first need to ensure that two-step authentication is turned on for your Gmail account.

  1. Go to Gmail and open the Manage your Google Account page. You can also open it using this link.

2. Click on the Security tab in the left-side menu and navigate to the How you sign in to Google section.

3. If two-step verification is turned on, follow the steps below to generate the app password for your warm-up.

If two-step verification is off, enable it by clicking on "2-Step Verification." Then click "Get started" and follow the on-screen steps.

Please note. If you cannot enable two-step verification because it is disabled by your administrator, please ask the administrator to allow users of your domain to enable two-step verification as described here.

How to create a unique app password

  1. Open your Google account and navigate to the Security panel.

  2. Scroll down to the How you sign in to Google section and click on the 2-Step Verification

If you don’t have two-step verification enabled, you should enable it to generate app passwords.

3. Click on the Select app and choose "Other (Custom name)" from the drop-down list. Then, enter the name that would help you identify the service, for example, "Warm up".

4. Click Generate.

5. Google will generate a 16-digit password that you need to copy. Please make sure to save this password since, after you close this pop-up, it will not be accessible anymore.

6. Paste the password into the password field for this email account in MailToaster.

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