Bounces in Warm-up
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Warm-up in Mailtoaster is a peer-to-peer service, that automatically exchanges emails between all warm-up users

If we notice that emails from other warm-up participants bounced to your account, a warm-up for this account will be stopped automatically. The status will be changed to “At Risk”

It needs to be done since too many bounces can impact the effectiveness of the overall warm-up process for other participants

There can be many reasons why emails might bounce during warm-up, such as misconfigured mail server of the recipient, temporary server issues, or the recipient's mailbox being full.

Please, contact our support team to check why emails sent to you bounce.

Meanwhile, you can do a simple check from your side:

Use any other email address outside your domain to send emails to your business email. If the email is not delivered or bounced, you may have incorrect MX records.

Here is an example of bounced email due to misconfigured domain settings:

MX (mail exchange) records specify your mail server. You must configure an MX record to receive emails to your domain.

How to check your MX records:

  1. Specify your mail provider (GSuiate, Office 365, IONOS etc.)

  2. Check out your email provider’s support section for correct MX records

  3. Use any MX lookup online tool to detect your current MX records (

  4. If your MX records are incorrect or missing, set them according to the guide or contact your mail provider for additional support.

Below you can find information on how to set MX records for the most popular email providers:

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