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How to set an Inbox filter for GSuite & Microsoft Outlook mailboxes
How to set an Inbox filter for GSuite & Microsoft Outlook mailboxes

Learn how to keep your GSuite & Outlook inboxes clean from unwanted emails by setting up Inbox filter

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When you enable the warm-up activities in MailToaster for your email account, you will start sending and receiving emails to and from other warm-up users. Setting up an inbox filter will help you avoid flooding your inbox with dozens of unwanted emails. Here are detailed instructions on how to do it for GSuite and Microsoft Outlook mailboxes.

Copy an Inbox filter

Each email account connected to the warm-up system gets an Inbox filter, a unique ID that you can use as a filter for your incoming emails. To copy an Inbox filter:

  1. Open the Warm-Up Emails page and click on the necessary email account.

  2. Copy your custom ID - Inbox filter that is located in the upper right corner of the page.

Set up an Inbox filter for GSuite mailboxes

  1. Copy an Inbox filter.

  2. Go to your Gmail account and click the Settings button > See all settings:

3. In Filters and Blocked Addresses, click Create a new filter:

4. Paste your unique ID into the Has the words field and click Create filter:

5. Turn on the following checkboxes:

  • Skip the Inbox (Archive it)

  • Apply the label

  • Never send it to Spam

  • Also apply filter to 0 matching conversations

and create a new label to apply to your incoming emails.

After the filter is created, all incoming warm-up emails will skip the inbox and be saved under your new label.

Set up an Inbox filter for Microsoft Outlook mailboxes

  1. Copy an Inbox filter.

  2. Open your Outlook account and navigate to Settings > Filter:

3. Select Rules > Add new rule:

4. Select the condition "Message body includes" and paste your unique ID.

5. Select or create a folder under which your incoming warm-up emails will be stored. Click "Move to" and select the needed option.

6. Click Save.

That's it. The filtering rule is created, and warm-up emails will skip your inbox.

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